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 Offense Rules

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PostSubject: Offense Rules   Offense Rules Icon_minitimeMon Oct 06, 2014 8:13 pm


1. Play-Calling: Mix up play calling. No specific passing play should be called more than 4-5x/game. Of course you can use variations of plays by using hot routes but calling mesh in 4 different formations over and over is NOT mixing it up.

2. Goal Line: Goal line formation is banned outside of the opponent's 10. Because GL is overpowered in Madden you CANNOT under any circumstance call GL outside of your opponent's 10 yard line. This means it is banned inside your own 10 and for short yardage situations.

3. Rocket Catching: Rocket catching is banned. Spec catches are fine but rocket catches (Where the WR faces the QB and jumps straight up) are not allowed.

4. Motioning Players: Manual motion-based passing is banned. You may NOT manually motion your WR and snap the ball before he is set. This is a common exploit used in ranked but not allowed here. Manual motion on run plays IS allowed. The player does NOT have to be set before snapping the ball but MUST be outside the tackles.

5. Audibles: Unrealistic audible formation adjustments are banned. You may not call something like a 1 WR set and then audible to 4 WR snugs once you come to the line or vice versa. Keep it realistic.

6. FB Dives: FB dives with the HB are banned. Under no circumstance can you sub in your HB to run a FB dive. It doesn't happen in the NFL and it won't happen here.

7. Subs: Banned positional subs on O: No D player can be subbed in on O. This means no DRC at WR, etc. WRs may not play at TE or HB (Unless in the Wildcat). HBs may line up at WR if the package has it. This should be used in moderation. If your opponent complains, I'll have to have a talk with you. You are responsible for having enough backup players to prevent accidental substitutions during games. If a WR enters the game as a TE because you don't have a 2nd or 3rd-string, it's still your fault. Any exceptions to this rule must be submitted to and approved by the trade council, then publicly announced on the forums.

8. Autorolling: No autorolling with your QB. You may avoid a blitz but you should stay in the pocket at least 2 seconds unless you haev no other choice and are forced out.

10. QB Scrambles: You must be in the pocket for two full seconds before scrambling with your QB. You may roll out as described above in Rule #8. Under no circumstances can your QB cross the line of scrimmage in under two seconds unless it is an intended QB rushing play.

11. 4th Down Rules: (A) No going for it on 4th down on your side of the 50 unless you are down by at least 28 points OR you are behind by 4 or more points in the 4th quarter. (B) Unless you are down by 21 or more points, you cannot go for it in the 1st-3rd quarters except if it is 4th and 2 or less on your opponent's side of the field. (C) You may go for it with 4 minutes left to go in the 4th quarter if you are down by 3 points or less.

12. Running Up The Score: If you begin the 4th quarter with a 21-point lead or greater, or if you reach a 21-point lead while in the 4th quarter, you must make every attempt to run the clock. You SHOULD NOT be trying to put up more points. You SHOULD NOT be passing on 1st or 2nd down. You should be trying to maintain posession and run the ball. If you go up by 28 points at any time during the game, you should attempt to run some clock. Breaking this rule will get you booted faster than anything else. If you have to lay down against your opponent to finish the game after you've already won, that's what you do.

13. Kicking: No line-drive kicking (Kicking the top of the ball at full power). No surprise onside kicks. No fake FGs or fake punts.

14. Running the Clock: Running the clock should only be used strategically to shorten a game (1) after the first half is played out AND (2) the team running the clock has a significant enough lead to ensure them victory OR (3) you are up by 28 or more points and are in danger of severely running up the score at any time during the game (Even during 1st half). In other words: PLAY SIM. Don't run an entire quarter out on one drive just because we're playing 5-minute quarters. This doesn't mean you have to snap the ball as fast as you can, but if you're blatantly abusing the clock you will be in question. You may run the clock in the 4th quarter if you are ahead (by any amount) to try and end the game. This is the one exception, because teams in the NFL actually do this. If I hear of any owners abusing this aspect of the game, running the clock down simply to limit the number of times the other team will get the ball the entire game, I will issue a suspension to or boot the offending user depending on their previous rule violations.

15. Hurry-Up Offense: The hurry-up offense is not meant to be used every single play. No one should be found hurrying their offense to the line more than 50% of their plays. This is a sim league. You should be hurrying to the line every once in a while, during the last two minutes of the 2nd and/or 4th quarters or when you are behind and need the extra time to try and catch up to your opponent. It should not be used to simply try and deny the defense a chance to adjust on every single snap. Any owners abusing this aspect of the game will be subject to disciplinary action.

16. QB Running: You should not be running more than 10 times (Max) with your QB. This isn't NCAA, this the the pros. Scrambling to get yards is one thing. Using the option is another.

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Offense Rules
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