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 2014 Offseason

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PostSubject: 2014 Offseason   2014 Offseason Icon_minitimeWed Oct 08, 2014 4:50 pm

Welcome to our Madden 15 online franchise. (I know, I still need to fix the logo on the forums) I hope everyone is ready to start tooling their teams and playing games soon. I appreciate everyone's patience as we set everything up and get ready this week. I know some of you have been waiting several weeks for me to get the time to do this and I'm sorry it took me so long. You guys should give a lot of thanks to Mook and Hustla for helping to fill the league, which was really my biggest problem in starting up. It's because of their help that we'll be starting the regular season this coming Monday. But first we have to do the FA Draft.

Please read the New Members Guide in the Rules section of the forums!

Free Agency

We are advancing to Week 1 of the Preseason at 9pm Eastern time tonight (Wednesday). DO NOT pick up ANY free agents!! This is simply to allow you to see the available players so you can make your FA Draft list.

The Free Agency draft will consist of one round. Everyone will compile a list of 5 players (or less) that they would like to draft at their position. You can begin sending your lists anytime to DaHustla18 (Eagles). You must have your FA list turned in no later than Thursday at 9pm Eastern time. Anyone who doesn't get it done may lose their draft spot. The results of the FA draft will be posted sometime later on Thursday night and you may pick up your FA pick anytime after that.

DO NOT pick up any free agents that aren't on the posted FA Draft listed until you are instructed to do so!!

After the draft is completed, I will open up FA to everyone and Week 1 of the Preseason will officially begin. You may only pick up 1 additional free agent during Week 1. I plan to do this at 10pm Eastern on Friday night and will announce that free agency is open in GroupMe on the hour. Again, do not pick up a free agent before that. The admins will be watching the transaction log to catch anyone jumping the gun and there will be penalties handed out in addition to losing who you picked up. You will be able to draft 1 additional free agent during weeks 2 and 3. On week 4 free agency will be open to everyone and you may pick up as many players as you want.


The trade rules have been revised and are in effect. You can start putting together deals whenever you want after I advance tonight. Please note that you may only trade 2 rookies and that this will be the only season that you are allowed to trade rookies at all. Rookies are also going to be valued a lot higher than their current stats might suggest they're worth, so keep that in mind if you propose a trade for one. You must have equal value on both sides. Please be mindful of how much cap penalty a player will give you. There are limits to how much penalty you can take this year.

I will make another post like this to announce the Preseason advance schedule. You will get 12 hours between advances to make cuts, trades and/or do your game prep to build up your team. The regular season will start on Monday. I will advance early that morning before I leave for work and everyone will have until Wednesday night to play.

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League Admin
League Admin

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PostSubject: free agency draft order   2014 Offseason Icon_minitimeWed Oct 08, 2014 10:43 pm

1 jags
2 titans
3 skins
4 bucs
5 jets
6 giants
7 falcons
8 dolphins
9 raiders
10 browns
11 bills
12 steelers
13 colts
14 eagles
15 texans
16 rams
17 chiefs
18 chargers

19 cards
20 bears
21 cowboys
22 vikings
23 ravens
24 patriots
25 saints
26 packers
27 panthers
28 bengals
29 lions
30 seahawks
31 broncos
32 49ers
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PostSubject: Re: 2014 Offseason   2014 Offseason Icon_minitimeMon Oct 13, 2014 10:01 am

Where is the FA draft list?
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PostSubject: Re: 2014 Offseason   2014 Offseason Icon_minitime

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2014 Offseason
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