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PostSubject: Packers - NoS Booster613   Packers - NoS Booster613 Icon_minitimeMon Oct 13, 2014 12:56 pm

I am gone during these times for school this semester, so please lets try to schedule around these times on my list. Again this list is the times i can NOT play:

Sun - during the packer game
Mon - I am at school from 800am CST - 930pm CST
Tue - I am at school from 800am CST - 930pm CST
Wed - I am at school from 1030am CST - 330pm CST
Thu - I am at school from 800am CST - 1130am CST
Fri - available ALL DAY
Sat - available ALL DAY

when scheduling for Fri, Sat or Sun please try to schedule with me ahead of time as I spend time with family a lot and may end up busy if you hit me up that day and want to play.

**I can be text ONLY if you have first tried to PM me on groupme and were unsuccessful. Wait at least 30 mins for a response in case I am in class. If you haven't tried to PM me first and you text me, you can considered yourself ignored. Thanks.

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Packers - NoS Booster613
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