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 Week 6 Power Rankings are in

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PostSubject: Week 6 Power Rankings are in   Mon Oct 27, 2014 12:04 am

1) Jags (penny726) (6-0) Last week #1
Coming in at number 1 for the second straight time is penny and his Jags, Penny continued his winning ways in weeks 5 and 6 he grinded out two wins in route to a 6-0 start, that preseason prediction of an undefeated season is looking more and more obtainable with each W he picks up he still has a long way to go but whether or not he runs the table he still has established his self as a top contender in the doctors league and teams better come prepared when they enter ''The Cage" if they want to come out on top victorious

2) NYG (buck_nutz) (6-0) Last Week#3
The young buck climbs up one spot this week after continuing his dominance he over came a game he very well could of lost in week 3 vs dahustlas Eagles but he will face what I believe will be his toughest test yet as he squares off against the Cowboys to start week 7 in a game that will pretty much determine if buck-nutz will run away with the nfc east crown as he would be 3-0 in division play and would take a commanding 4 game lead

3) Saints (backley4) (5-0) Last week #5
Perhaps the most humble of the 3 remaining undefeated squads cracks the top 3 for the first time all year with big play he may not talk the talk as the two ranked ahead of him but he can most certainly walk with them coming off of a bye week backley must continue his winning ways if he wants to keep or perhaps better his number 3 spot

4) 49ers (fab five freddy) (5-1) Last week #6
After a tough defeat in week 3 vs the eagles freddy responded by taking it out on his next two opponents although it wasn't the matchup I was hoping for vs the chiefs with priestmvp dropping out freddy still got the job done keeping the new chiefs owner and new rams owner out of the endzone with is impressive no matter who u play although he's ranked number 4 he his probably the favorite to come out of the nfc im sure he will make his case as he will face both buck and his gmen and backleys saints in the weeks to come

5) Packers (nos booster) (5-1) Last week #10
From barely making the top 10 last week nos booster jumps into the top 5 racking up 5 straight victories in impressive fashion although some of the competition on his schedule may have not been against the top tier in the league you can only play whos on your schedule and booster has taken care of whats been laid in front of him

6) Ravens (RC3) (4-2) Last week #2
While booster has made a leap into the top 5 rc3 slides out having struggled his last two games and to make matters worst his mvp candidate qb is sidelined for 3 weeks with injury his boy reaper got the best of him in week 6 causing the injury to Tyrod Taylor reaper has the bragging rights for now but rc3 still keeps his spot in the top 10 im looking forward to seeing how he will bounce back without his qb in which that will show the true test of how good he really is

7) Steelers (Stoneham11) (3-2) Last week #7
Despite Stonehams record he has competed and took some of top dogs in the league down to the wire and almost pulling off the big upset vs the cage losing in ot but to be the best you have to get over the hump and beat the best which im sure Stoneham will look forward to doing once the playoffs begin

Cool NYJ (Coachmanajur) (5-1) Last week N/A
Coach makes his first appearance in the top 10 this week with a 5-1 record like booster his schedule has been less then mediocre but 4 wins straight earns him a spot this week coach remaining schedule lays out for him nicely so don't be surprised if he racks up a 11 win season

9) Cowboys (mookdascoop) (3-3) Last week N/A
Playing his way back in the top 10 is mookdascoops cowboys after being knocked out last week mookdascoop bounced back with 2 straight wins over 2 former top 10 opponents with Dez Bryant leading the charge and a healthy Tony Romo back in the lineup after a 4 game absence look for mookdascoop to climb the nfc ladder and to do so it must start with a win against number 2 ranked buck nutz and his nyg in week 7

10) Vikings (afroblackpanther) Last week #9
Again like last week black panther holds onto a spot in the top 10 by not doing anything to lose his spot and mainly because of the running threat of Adrian Peterson anytime you can run the ball how hes been doing it your always going to be in games the slight drop from 9 o 10 is simply because he has yet to get victory on anyone in the top 10 or anyone that has currently been there black panther must show he can compete with the elite to hold down his spot next week

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Week 6 Power Rankings are in
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