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PostSubject: League Play   League Play Icon_minitimeWed Oct 29, 2014 10:47 pm

I would like to thank everyone for being active and also working hard to keep this League alive as it has not been easy. I have read all your reports and I have spoke to the Admins about making some changes to this League to improve game play.

I would like to restate that we are all here for fun, no one is here to be disrespectful or cheaters as we do not welcome these type of players. I will be searching for owners that agree with this approach as we want a long and enduring league. Some of the owners have multiple Leagues so it doesn't bother them much when they get threaten here and abuse their games which hurts those owners who are not in multiple league. Please be mindful of this we are all here to have fun and we are all madden players so don't abuse plays or try to cheat. I have direct comments from players that have been victim to this and are not happy about it.

I am not here to make a new RULE nor am I going to call anyone out I just want to remind everyone to please try to keep the play in a SIM style manner. I get the fact that you all feel like the plays you run OVER and OVER again can be stopped but not everyone is capable of that so instead of saying "You can stop the play that I love to run" why not just prove that you are better by saying I will beat you and not use on single screen pass.......(((Is that even possible lol???????)))

Overall I would like thank everyone that has tried there best to play clean as it shouldnt be to hard if your an honest person, those who are continuing to abuse the rules will be put on watch. I am going to set up a system that allows everyone to PM me whenever they are having an issue or if they just are unsure about a rule. I will not only investigate but I will talk to that owner directly as I understand there are times where an owner might not know what he is doing is wrong.....Not everyone can read well-----jk

Group Me.....

This app is a gift and a curse since it is so fast and you have 32 members using this as communication. I ask that everyone remain in control of there emotions here as we are all men. I understand some guys have a temper and just cant deal with there feelings so they lash out intimidate following a loss/issue but if you put negativity in that group me chat that is exactly what you will get out of it..........So please everyone try to control yourself before you start typing.

Overall I like what I see the League has been running well and I can see some friendships starting to happen as well as some rivalries it starts with the Divisions so far we have not had any owners changes in the NFC East so Im just saying maybe yall need to take watch............

Thanks again
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League Play
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