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 Midseason Power Rankings

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PostSubject: Midseason Power Rankings   Midseason Power Rankings Icon_minitimeTue Nov 04, 2014 1:04 pm

1) Jags (The Cage) (9-0) Last week #1
Ok now this is getting scary im sure everybody remembers the cages 16-0 preseason prediction and half way thru the season he remains undefeated the cage has won his last 2 games by a combined score of 61-10 and has the number 1 passer and receiver in the league Bortles and Blackmon in his previous matchup he came back from trailing 10-0 before halftime to unleash 31 unanswered points against a cowboys team that was fighting to keep their playoffs hopes alive in week 10 in a game that had possible upset written all over it, and honestly now their are only 2 possible players that I feel can try and rattle the cage and that's Young buck and his Giants and RC3s ravens if The Cage can come away victorious in those games he will finish the season undefeated

2) 49ERS (Fapfivefreddy) (7-1) Last week #4
Fap has been a consistent mover from week to week up the power ranking ladder and he solidified his rank this week after being the first to knock off backley in which was a possible NFC championship preview, Fap just plays efficient football he grinds out wins and is going to take what u give him, very smart player and my favorite to represent the NFC in the superbowl im anxious to see his mathups against new seahawks owner Ruhilent who young buck and his previously undefeated giants suffered their first loss of the year to

3) NYG (Young buck) (7-1) Last week #2
Younng buck loss his first game of the season in week 10 but it didn't drop him out of the top 3 in my power rankings, its a long season and your going to suffer some lumps and bruises along the way but young buck is still a threat to any opponent that he goes up against he is in the top of the league in third down efficiency and I was personally a victim of that as he converted 10 3rd downs on my cowboys(smh) and pulled off a clutch victory to take a commanding league in the nfc east all that lies in front of young buck now is getting his team playoff ready if the keeps up his efficient play he will challenge fab for the nfc tittle

4) Saints (Backley4) (7-1) Last week #3
Wow im just noticing that these top 4 teams I have played and loss to all of them I had a crazy ass schedule, any way Backley like young buck suffers their first loss of the year and takes a small step back in the power rankings no big issue tho backley still is capable of winning any given game and can do it in all 3 phases of the game, backley is in for possibly the most vicious 4 game stretch he will ever face as he will face all 3 contenders in a powerful afc north division after already coming off a loss to fap hes gon have to be on point to keep his top spot in the division because new comer 501st reaper is slowly making a name for himself and breathing down backleys neck in the nfc south

5) Ravens (RC3) (6-3) Last week #6
Despite RC3s 6-3 record he moves back into the top 5 after further review he shouldn't have dropped out of the 10 5 last week his 3 losses come out to a combined 7 points and he went through most of that stretch without his mvp candidate tyrod taylor at the helm, he can easily be undefeated so don't let the record fool u, im just counting down until week 15 when he will face the top dog, RC3 is my favorite to win the AFC

6) Bengals Br1an16 (5-3) Last week N/A
Ive must admit I have been sleeping on brains bengals but I will give him the nod this week a big factor in that was him pulling off the upset over RC3 in week 8, but then he went out and loss to the docs browns the following game with a chance to take sole possession over the afc north so im really not to sure about this ranking but being tho he is in the thick of the afc playoff picture and has had a rough schedule he gets the nod at least for this week

7) Packers (Nos Booster) (7-2) Last week #5
Theres really not too much I can say about booster being tho I haven't seen him play yet and he has had a VERY favorable schedule (im jealous) his only threat in the division is afroblackthunders Vikings who he beat up on 33-18 in week 5, although he did shoot it out with backley and came up a lil short, Booster will surely make it to the tournament whether he makes a run at it and upset one of the nfc favorites? that still remains to be seen

Cool Steelers (Stoneham) (5-4) Last week #7
The autosim in week 9 really hurt Stonehams chances because that was a big game in terms of playoff positioning and could ultimately cost him the afc north but despite that stoneham bounced right back and took his frustration out on coach and his jets, with 3 key games left on this schedule Stoneham still controls his own afc north destiny as he will face a tough saints team in week 13 and two division games vs the bengals that could be for all the marbles

9) Jets (Coachmanjur) (7-2) Last week #8
Another player I have yet to see perform that is also a beneficiary of a pretty much easy schedule the 2 credible games he coach played both to the steelers and packers but despite all that coach did win the games he needed to win and has set him self up to make a playoff run so im not mad at that at all

10) Seahawks (Ruhlient) (2-0) Last week N/A
This last spot was up for grabs but ruhlient has come into the league and since then his seahawks haven't lost I don't know too much about his game but the determining factor was he was the first to knock off young buck and his at the time #2 rank NYG if this win wasn't a fluke he should look to cahllange fap five freddy down the stretch for possible NFC west supremacy

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Midseason Power Rankings
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