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 2014 Season Midseason

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PostSubject: 2014 Season Midseason   2014 Season Midseason Icon_minitimeFri Nov 07, 2014 4:23 pm

I'd like to thank every admin we have for really showing effort and making sure that this league is kept full of the kind of players we want. I haven't had the time lately to be around very much and knew I'd have to count on a few people. I'm really impressed with how things have been handled. I'd also like to give a very big thank you to stoneham11 (Steelers) for creating a Daddy site for us. Please don't hesitate to show your appreciation to these people. They're the reason everything is going so smoothly and they deserve to be recognized.

Everything has gone pretty good so far. We've had to replace a few people but all in all our core group is shaping up nicely. I expect many of the people here now to still be here in July, getting ready for next Madden when we do this all over again. Take a minute and get to know the people you play or talk in chat if you're going to stay in this league. Get to know the long term players.

We're still in the process of booting anyone who becomes unresponsive and stops playing their games. It's unfortunate but it does happen. Just know that the admins somehow have an endless supply of backup owners waiting to get in so we should never have empty teams for more than a day, if that long. And eventually we will fill those spots with sim players that are dedicated to playing here.

Please remember that you should not run up the score on your opponent. This applies particularly to the 4th quarter but also to any point in the game where you are up by 28 or more points. Your objective when you are already blowing out your opponent should be to run clock and end the game. This shouldn't happen in the 1st half of the game of course but you can avoid scoring more touchdowns if you're already up by four scores. There are exceptions. Maybe your defense scores a touchdown. Maybe you run as much clock as you possibly can while driving down the field to cap with a score. But you should be trying to break off big plays and pad your stats when the game is clearly already over. In short, please don't do to someone what you wouldn't want done to you. I consider it a rule violation and will find a way to start punishing people for it if I must. I'd really rather not do that.

If anyone is having a problem, please let me know by sending me a PM on GroupMe. Sometimes I've missed a message or two on there because of my old computer but I think I've fixed the problem and should see anything that's said to me there the next time I log in. I'll get to you as soon as I can (Sometimes I may be away for 24 hours during the week) and will address anything that's brought to me. If it's urgent please talk to an admin. They all have an (A) by their name on the GroupMe chat channel member list.

I hope everyone's season is going great. Remember that if you're on the losing end this season that you can start preparing to rebuild in the offseason right now. Take a look at who is going to free agency. Talk trades so you can be ready before the draft. Do your scouting. The earlier you start the better off you'll be.

Good luck and have fun!

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2014 Season Midseason
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