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 Playoffs?? Power Ranking Edition

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PostSubject: Playoffs?? Power Ranking Edition   Playoffs?? Power Ranking Edition Icon_minitimeMon Nov 10, 2014 3:30 pm

1) Jags (The Cage) (11-0) (Last week #1)
Yet again the cage continues his winning ways as he steam rolls to an 11 and 0 mark on the year, im going to go ahead and cosign and say that the cage will finish the regular season perfect after he passed his toughest test on his schedule a scrappy and battle tested giants team, cage once again showed his poise as he was down by 2 scores once again in the 1st half only to battle back and eek out the 1 point victory over Buck, only question that lingers is was cage battle tested enough in the regular season to be prepared for a playoff run in the AFC and ultimately be crown King, we shall soon see

2) 49ers (Fap Five Freddy) (10-1) (Last week#2)
Fap is by far the most playoff ready of all of the contenders having beaten all but 1 of the potential NFC playoff teams and that will go a long way once the regular season ends fap is on the second longest win streak in the league and I expect it to continue all the way into the superbowl, There has been allot of recent jabs thrown the cages way from fap im getting the feeling that hes getting tired of the cages charades, the tension is thickening as playoffs arrive and I would love to see fap and cage go toe to toe on the big stage

3) NYG (Young Buck) (8-3) (Last Week #3)
Young Buck is in a bit of a slump after losing 3 0f his last 4 games with the lone win coming against my cowboys in a shootout to where he ended Dez Bryants season, Young Buck keeps his #3 rank because 2 of the 3 loses came from the two players that are ranked ahead of him and the 3rd coming from a player that is still pretty much getting his feet wet in the league so for that young buck u remain amongst the elite for another week, I believe young buck has a chance to beat any opponent in any given game its going to be interesting to see how he fairs in the playoffs, it wouldn't be a shock to me at all if young buck was to win it all

4) Steelers (Stoneham11) (7-4) (Last week #Cool
Ok now the fun begins the top 3 have pretty much cemented themselves all year but positions 4-10 are like a revolving door one player in one week and out the next but this is what ive come up with, now even tho there are a few players record who may be better then stoneham he competes and all his losses pretty much comes down to the last possession and to top it off he but a beatdown on one of the top players in the league Backleys saints, it just seem like Stoneham got Backley completely out of character and off his game and that's scary not to mention he took the cage to overtime but came up just short but heres the thing in a AFC north division that has no room for error Stonehan could actually miss the playoffs if he doesn't win a pair of games vs a feisty bengals squad in the upcoming weeks so as long as he stays focus im started to get the feeling Stoneman could very well represent the AFC in the superbowl, im really looking forward to seeing hoe Stonehams seasons plays out

5) Saints (Backley4) (8-2) Last week #3
Despite being handled by Stoneham Backley only drops one spot this week his play has been consistent all year until this game against Stoneham that im still trying to wrap my mind around sometimes these things just happen and im sure backley will bounce back and he better quickly because you don't want to reminisce on a loss like that with the playoffs right around the corner, either way he is still in good shape to clinch a first round bye in the NFC and will be ready to make his playoff push

6) Eagles (Dahustla18) (7-5) (Last week N/A)
This is pretty much the worst thing that could have happened for NFC playoff contenders, is for Dahustla to get hot after a mind blowing 0-3 start Dahustla storms back out of nowhere going 7-2 in his last 9 games and now holds the 6th and final playoff spot in the NFC Dahustla is the only player to put a loss on faps record this season and just recently took out the NFC north division leader Nos Booster and his packers and is only 1 game back from stealing a NFC east that Young Buck controlled all season, the 2 meet in week 17 that could decide who takes the division

7) Seahawks (Ruhlient) (4-1) (Last week #10)
The new guy moves up again this week and even tho he fell jus short of fap hes showing he can compete with the top dogs a crucial battle between Rulient and Dahustla lies ahead in a game that will have big playoff implications, not to mention another date with fap so in the upcoming weeks we will see exactly what type of game Ruhlient has

Cool Packers (Nos Booster) (8-3) (Last week #7)
Nos Booster hangs on to a top 10 spot this week and should cruise into the playoffs he lost a pivotal game in week 11 that still shows he still needs to get his game together when he goes up against the big boys but at the end of the day he will be in the playoffs and can prove his dominance there, that's something 20 other user wont get the chance to do this season

9) Jets (Coachmanajur) (9-2) (Last week #9)
Despite continually having one of the best records in the league coach is still stuck in power ranking limbo due to strength of schedule all I can say about coach this week is come playoff time he has to bring his A game if he wants to be recognized as one of the elites in the league

10) Chargers (FranchiseJ) (5-2) (Last week N/A)
Since coming into the league the franchise has been hard to measure his most respectable win came against RC3 and the ravens who at one point where all the way to #3 in power rankings but have slowly dipped out of the top 10 but for that along with a few other solid wins the franchise gets the nod this week not to mention he has his team in perfect position to make a playoff run, the league has been anticipating the franchises entrance into the league and he is looking to continue his winning ways as he was an original doc league member and im sure he cant wait to show these new cats what Doc league ball is all about

****Couldn't Leave off****
The Doctor

Although I couldn't squeeze these 3 in the top 10 this week these dudes are defiantly balling in a tight AFC North race the hottest being the Doc himself, after a slow start the doc has put himself in perfect position to steal the AFC north tittle and make a playoff run of his own he has two big make or break games coming up against Brian and RC3 as the season winds down we will see if doc has what it takes to make a come from behind playoff run and then we have RC3 who is going in the wrong direction at the worst time of year, after starting 4-0 RC3 is fighting for his playoff life as he has to deal with the cage and then the season finally that could be for all the marbles vs the doc,RC3 should've ran away with this division but its not over until its over, then we have Brian who right now is sitting pretty at top of the north but I don't think he has truly been tested like the others in the division so he too will have to prove what he is capable of, this AFC North is by far the vest division in the league and its a shame one 1 2 or possible all 3 of these great players will end up missing the post season but I will definitely watching week by week what these teams do as the regular season winds down this is truly Doc League at its finest

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Playoffs?? Power Ranking Edition
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