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 Sideline Madden League Starting Back Up- Need sim players

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PostSubject: Sideline Madden League Starting Back Up- Need sim players   Mon Mar 11, 2013 5:09 pm

Hey everybody, I'm bringing my old league back to life and wanting to get some solid guys to join up with me. I already have 14 guys in the league but would like to get a few more at least. We are currently in week 3 (just advanced) so its still pretty early. If your interested, go to and sign up and post in the sign up thread. From there I'll get in touch with you and send you an invite to the league. Here are the open teams:

NFC East:
New York Giants: OPEN

NFC North:
Minnesota Vikings: OPEN
Detroit Lions: OPEN
Chicago Bears: OPEN

NFC South:
New Orleans Saints: OPEN
Atlanta Falcons: OPEN

NFC West:
Arizona Cardinals: OPEN
St. Louis Rams: OPEN

AFC East:
New York Jets: OPEN
Buffalo Bills: OPEN
Miami Dolphins: OPEN

AFC North:
Pittsburgh Steelers: OPEN

AFC South:
Indianapolis Colts: OPEN
Tennessee Titans: OPEN
Jacksonville Jaguars: OPEN

AFC West:
Oakland Raiders: OPEN
Kansas City Chiefs: OPEN

CAREER (29-33)
2015-2016 ATLANTA FALCONS (9-20)
2016-2017 TENNESSEE TITANS (7-10)
Madden 25 Season 2 Cleveland Browns (13-3) Wildcard
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Sideline Madden League Starting Back Up- Need sim players
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