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 2014 Season Weeks 15-17

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PostSubject: 2014 Season Weeks 15-17   2014 Season Weeks 15-17 Icon_minitimeSun Nov 16, 2014 11:00 pm

New Rule: Restarting Games

Because of recent games that were played multiple times the following rule is being added. This is being done to prevent anyone from playing cheap against the CPU and to prevent restarts. It was written up and approved by the admins as a whole. Anyone who breaks this rule will be subject to punishment:

In the event of a CPU game that can only be played once both owners agree to this. The game can only be played twice. If the game is played more than twice the user will be set to auto next week NO EXCEPTIONS! If you get disconnected the first game vs the CPU for some odd reason then you have one last time to play. Also all games after week 15 involving a CPU must be twitched. ALL CPU GAMES MUST BE APPROVED BY AN ADMIN BEOFRE BEING PLAYED!

Anyone who violates this rule a second time will be subject to whatever punishment the admins feel is fair at the time. A third offense results in an automatic removal from the league. No exceptions.

Chat Etiquette

I expect everyone to speak in chat with a little bit of respect. Don't get me wrong, I expect some trash talk and I'm not asking you guys to pretend like you're in church. But a few of you seem to enjoy adding fuel to whatever arguments happen to be taking place at the time.

If you're unable to keep yourself from calling everyone a nasty name every time you respond to them don't respond at all. No, we aren't in kindergarten. We shouldn't have to police the damn chat and make sure people's feelings aren't getting hurt. But that works both ways. You should be grown up enough to deal with things like an adult and not insult people like an arrogant toddler. Please make life easy on everyone and talk to people like you'd want them to talk to you.

If you've been asked to stop, particularly by myself or an admin, then you're expected to stop posting messages to chat for the time being. That doesn't mean you try and get the last word in. It means you stop talking. I'm going to allow admins to start handing out punishments for people who can't abide by that. Yes, you read that right. You will be given in-game punishments for GroupMe chat if you can't listen to admins. We can't stop you from taking your arguments to PM. But we can stop you from carrying on about it in main chat. This is the only way we can end arguments short of booting you out of the chat group.

Other than a couple minor problems everything is still running nice and smooth. Again, if anyone has questions or concerns please feel free to bring them to myself or an admin in GroupMe. It's always best to PM us rather than ask in main chat, that way you can be sure we have seen your message. I encourage you to help us make this league a better place to play.

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2014 Season Weeks 15-17
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