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 Its that time again week 4 Power Rankings are in 3 out 3 new comers in see who made the cu!!!!

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PostSubject: Its that time again week 4 Power Rankings are in 3 out 3 new comers in see who made the cu!!!!   Wed Oct 22, 2014 11:59 am

1) Jacksonville Jaguars (Penny726) (4-0) Last week #2
This weeks top dog goes to the mouth of the afc south penny and his jags who at this point of the season is starting to make me a believer that he is for real and has what it takes to lead his jags to the promise land although he hasn't been completely dominating his opponents he has proven to be battle tested and has a normally irrelevant jags time riding high

2) Baltimore Ravens (RC3) (4-0) Last week #5
RC3 has made a jump from the number 5 spot all the way up to the number 2 spot and could easily make a case for number, like the jags he's getting the job done without the big name players, well at least at the qb position, RC3 has turned a career long backup qb into a potential mvp candidate,RC3 has proven time in and time out that u can never count him out of the game coming from behind in impressive fashion in 3 of his first 4 games, his week 6 mathup with his frienemy 501st Reaper should be something to look forward too a im sure he and his bucs will like nothing more to knock RC3 out of the top 10 and make a case for himself

3) NYG (buck_nutz) (4-0) Last week #3
Buck nutz looked like he was going to take the number 1 spot after he dominated previous number 1 ranked cbuckets5 and his Houston Texans in week 3 but it seems like that ranking was an aberration of cbuckets not competing against the elite in weeks 1 and 2 besides that buck was however impressive in that win and unfortunately had to play the cpu in week 4 which kept his ranking in neutral this week it will be interesting to see how he stacks up when he faces dahustla18 to see if he can keep his commanding lead in the nfc east

4) Kansas City Chiefs (priestmvp) (4-0) Last week #4
Priest again continues to dominate only allowing more then 10 points ONCE! in four games if he can cut back on his turnovers he can easily take over the number one spot this dude seems like he means business and penny and RC3 may not be the only ones with something to say about afc supremacy

5) New Orleans Saints (backley4) (4-0) Last week # 7
Backley climbs the ladder this week from 7th to the top 5 with very impressive wins over the leading rusher in the league Adrian Peterson in week 3 and the leading receiver Dez Braynt in week 4 although tested backley held on and made a hell of a special teams play against mookdascoop and his cowboys to pull out the win the schedule looks to be in backleys favor after week 5 vs reaper and before a big matchup with fab five freddy in week 10 backley has potential to win it all

6) San Francisco 49ers (fab five freddy) (3-1) Last week #6
Despite his first loss of the season to a highly underrated eagles team fab fred didn't lose any ground in the power poll he has his qb Colin Kapernick playing at the highest level of any qb leading the league in passer rating for all qbs that apply as well as leading the nfc in scoring with 26 ppg fab five fred will have a HUDGE test in front of him as he will face the stingy defense of priestmvp and his chiefs in week 5 in a potential superbowl matchup

7) Pittsburgh Steelers (stoneham11) (3-1) Last week N/A
Making his first appearance in the top ten is stoneham11 who continues to grind out wins he is proving to be clutch and can win the close game his lone loss comes from the number 2 ranked player RC3 in which he jumped out to a 10-0 lead the rematch in week 9 should be another good one but up next stoneham has a date with the top dog lets see if he can get the win and really start to make a name for his self in this league

Cool Seattle Seahawks (rubberbill) (2-1) Last week N/A
Damn the 8,9 and 10 spot were tough to come up with but for at least this week rubberbill is deserving of the top 10 his week 1 vicory over nosboosters packers was a dominating performance and his week 3 shout out vs durff99s seahawks caught my attention he has a pair of nfc east opponents his next 2 games me mookdascoop being one of them in a must win situation so we will see if he is still worthy of a top ten spot in the upcoming weeks

9) Minnesota Vikings (afroblkpanther) (2-2) Last week #9
This spot along with the number ten spot are pretty much by default to were as about 6 teams could have held this spot down but afroblk gets it simply because he didn't do anything to hurt his position the past 2 games while splitting another pair of games he continues to run all over his opponents with Adrian Peterson aps numbers are just ridiculous through 4 games just keep giving that man the rock

10) Greenbay Packers (NosBooster613) (2-1) Last week N/A
The third new comer to the power rankings and number 10 spot goes to nos booster I really wanted to wait until his game was played to see if he will make it to 3-1 but I am going to predict that he will win over scubie2 and the bears he gets the number 10 spot over coachmanjur and the jets simply because he won the head to head matchup nothing too amazing I can say but nothing bad either as usual the more the season develops the clearer the top 10 picture will look and ultimately we will kno who is truly the top dog in the doctors league

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PostSubject: Re: Its that time again week 4 Power Rankings are in 3 out 3 new comers in see who made the cu!!!!   Thu Oct 23, 2014 2:17 pm

Imma Crack that top 10 after tonight
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rubber bill
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PostSubject: Re: Its that time again week 4 Power Rankings are in 3 out 3 new comers in see who made the cu!!!!   Fri Oct 24, 2014 12:33 am

well put in another good effort against redskins, should keep me there, maybe slide up a few spots, after the cowgirls get a lickin maybe I will top 5 this show
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PostSubject: Re: Its that time again week 4 Power Rankings are in 3 out 3 new comers in see who made the cu!!!!   

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Its that time again week 4 Power Rankings are in 3 out 3 new comers in see who made the cu!!!!
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